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Lesson 3

"The Beast!"

The object of this lesson is to focus on the fourth power and to look at that power in light of the details given to us in the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. We have already found that the names of the first three world empires are given in the prophecies. The name of the fourth is not given, but there are more details or characteristics given concerning this last kingdom, than all the other three combined. We believe that there is more than enough evidence to show exactly who this power is. Remember to pray and ask God for His Holy Spirit as you begin your study.

1. What metal was used to described the fourth kingdom or the legs? Daniel 2:33

2. Why iron? Daniel 2:40

Here we can see a definite clue. The key description of the fourth kingdom is that it is "strong as iron."

3. How is the fourth beast described in Daniel 7:7?




4. What happens to this fourth kingdom, that is represented in the feet and toes of iron and clay? Daniel 2:41

5. Does Daniel's vision indicate that the fourth kingdom would be divided into 10 other kingdoms? Daniel 7:7  --  "it had______________horns."

It is obvious that these two visions are showing us the same power! The characteristics are strikingly the same. This fourth kingdom was to evolve into a group of kingdoms. The clay represents the division, but there is still iron there representing the strength of this great kingdom.

6. What does Daniel tell us that God will set up during the days of this fourth world empire? Daniel 2:44

This is the easiest and best evidence that we are given to identify the fourth world power. Daniel 2:44 is what Bible scholars call a Messianic prophecy. This means that it is foretelling about the coming of the Messiah, our Lord Jesus Christ. You will also find a Messianic prophecy in Daniel's vision  (Daniel 7:13). Here we are told that this fourth world empire would be ruling the earth at the time of the birth of Christ.

7. What world power was ruling the earth when Jesus was born? Luke 2:1                  & John 11:48

In our last lesson we identified the fourth kingdom based upon history. Now we have identified this power based upon the holy Scriptures. In the garden of Eden, God foretold that Jesus would come. It says that the serpent or the devil would bruise His heel, but that in doing this it would bruise Satan's head (Genesis 3:15). Daniel 2:40 tells us that this fourth kingdom would "bruise." The Romans were the instrument used in Satan's hands to bruise the heel of the Son of God. The death of Christ was only temporary and fulfilled the purposes of God in ultimately crushing the head of the enemy of heaven and earth.

8. What else do we learn about the fourth world kingdom? Daniel 7:7

"it was_________________ from all the beasts before it"

The word diverse simply means different. We are told that this power would be different in nature from all the other powers before. We need to consider: How did the Empire of Rome differ from the other kingdoms? Through all the other kingdoms that have ruled, the power has been simply political or civil in nature, and backed by the military power. In the case of Rome, we find that the first "leg" of this empire to be the pagan Roman empire. It would also be just a political power. After that the other "leg," the papal Roman empire, would indeed be different from any other power before her. During the rule of the papal Roman empire we find a religious power, which is backed by the political power; But the religious power was    in control!

9. After this fourth power is divided into 10 other kingdoms, what comes up among them? Daniel 7:8

Notice that this "little horn" power arises among the divided powers of Europe! The church of Rome, did just that.

10. In Daniel's second vision, what is the last power called? Daniel 8:9

Now it becomes obvious that the visions of Daniel 7 and 8 are describing for us the same list of world powers. In this last vision, however, we forego the different aspects of the Roman empire and get right down to the "little horn" power. The details of these three prophecies are given so that we can piece together all the needed information to identify the last power, the power that you and I will have to deal with at the end of time. This is the "little horn" power of Daniel 7. We are given another description of this power in Revelation chapter 13. These two descriptions are strikingly similar, even though the prophecies were given over six hundred years apart!

11. What does the "little horn" do to three of the ten kingdoms? Daniel 7:8

The Original 10 Kingdoms


Alamanni (Germany)

Franks (France)

Burgundians (Switzerland)

Suevi (Portugal)

Lombards (Italy)

Visigoths (Spain)

Anglo-Saxons (England)

Vandals *

Heruli *

Ostrogoths *

*These three kingdoms were "plucked up" and ceased to exist as nations because of their strong Arian religion, which would not obey the edicts       of the church of Rome.

12. What kind of eyes did the little horn have? Daniel 7:8

This religious and political power would be headed by a man. The papal Roman empire was and is indeed headed by a man, the Pope.

13. How does the power speak?

a. Daniel 7:8 "a mouth speaking   ___________      __________"

b. Revelation 13:5 "and there was given unto him a mouth speaking   ______________, and  __________"

The Bible clearly defines blasphemy as either claiming to be God, or claiming the power to forgive sins (see John 10:30-33 and Mark 2:5-7. The Papacy speaks blasphemy against God by claiming the Pope to be god himself, and by claiming the power to forgive sins in the confessional.

14. What does the little horn power do with the saints of God? Daniel 7:21                 & Revelation 13:7

15. What does the prophecy say that the power would "think" to do? Daniel 7:25

Here we see that the little horn wears out the saints of God in conjunction with changing the time and the law of God. It was indeed the Roman power which changed the way we keep time. We live with a Roman calendar, our watches tell us Roman time, and even the days of our week are named after Roman mythology gods. Of course time is something intangible and can only be re - labeled, not changed. The church of Rome has thought to change the law of God, by completely removing the second commandment (concerning the worshipping of idols), and changing the fourth
commandment from the Bible Sabbath to the Sunday.

16. How long would the saints suffer under the persecution of this power?

a. Daniel 7:25 "they shall be given into his hand until a__________and__________ and   the dividing of _____________"

b. Revelation 13:5 "power was given unto him to continue _________ and__________ months."

In Daniel 7:25 the word time is translated from the ancient Chaldean word iddan and simply means a year (Strong's Concordance H5732). A time (one year), a times (two years), and a dividing (half) of time (6 months), would be exactly three and one half years; (see also Daniel 12:7 and Revelation 12:14). You will notice that 42 months would also be exactly three and one half years; (see also Revelation 11:2). This same period of time is referred to in Revelation 11:3 and 12:6, as "a thousand two hundred and threescore days." When you understand that the Jewish year consisted of 360 days per year, you will find that 1260 days is exactly three and one half years.

The Papacy began its rule in 538 AD when the Bishop of Rome (the Pope) was given rule over the Roman empire by the pagan Roman emperor, Justinian. It continued to "wear out the saints of the Most High"until the year 1798 AD, when Berthier, Napoleon Bonapartes' general, took the Pope prisoner and abolished the Papacy as a world power, (at least temporarily).

From 538 AD to 1798 AD is exactly 1260 years. This is the specified time at a "day for a year." (We will look more closely at the "day for a year" principle of interpreting Bible prophecy in lesson number six entitled "70 Weeks").

17. What happens to one of this beasts heads? Revelation 13:3

The power would receive a deadly wound and become as if it were dead for a time, but eventually it would come back to life as the "deadly wound was healed." As stated before the Papacy did receive this deadly wound when General Berthier took the Pope prisoner in 1798 AD. The deadly wound was healed in 1929 AD, when Mussolini reinstated the Pope to his throne in Vatican City.

18. After this deadly wound was healed, what does all the world do concerning the beast? Revelation 13:3

19. What else does the world do to the dragon and the beast? Revelation 13:4

After the healing of the deadly wound, the beast would become more and more popular until finally the whole world would wonder after it. When the Pope makes an appearance any where in the world, Catholics and Protestants alike flood the streets. The Papacy also receives the worship of the whole world, in that not only Catholics are keeping her doctrine, but almost the whole "Christian" world has fallen into teaching her doctrines. Jesus said: "But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." (Matthew 15:9)

20. Who gave this beast its' power and authority? Revelation 13:2 & 12:9

21. Of all the beasts we have studied, which one did Daniel especially want to know the truth about? Daniel 7:19


22. At the end of his vision, what did Daniel say about his thoughts? (Cogitations) Daniel 7:28

Just think about it! Daniel is one of the most godly men in all the record of the Bible, and he tells us that his thoughts were troubled, and his countenance was changed. If Daniel was so troubled by the information given in this prophecy, shouldn't we be concerned as well? Unfortunately, most Christians never stop to consider this:

If we cannot identify who the beast is, how will we know if we are worshipping it?

Notice the similarity between the prophecy of Daniel 7 and Revelation 13. The latter beast is made up of the first three beasts of the former prophecy! This symbol is telling us that the antichrist, or beast of Revelation 13,   is an amalgamation of the  characteristics of the world empires that went before it. How is this true? The Roman Catholic Papacy is formed of the pagan religious cultures of the Babylonians, the Persians, and the Greeks.


Notice the similarity between the prophecy of Daniel 7 and Revelation 13. The latter beast is made up of the first three beasts of the former prophecy! This symbol is telling us that the antichrist, or beast of Revelation 13, is an amalgamation of the characteristics of the world empires that went before it. How is this true? The Roman Catholic Papacy is formed of the pagan religious cultures of the Babylonians, the Persians, and the Greeks. Rome is the sum of these pagan empires disguised in "Christian" garb.


"If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark
in his forehead, or in his hand, The same shall drink of the wine of
the wrath of God."                                        Revelation 13:9-10

"And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, ... which had not
worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his
mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and
reigned with Christ athousand years."               Revelation 20:4

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