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Lesson 9

"A Day to Remember!"

How particular is God? Many people today feel that God is so merciful and loving that He does not care how we worship, or where we worship, or when we worship. many take the attitude that we are all trying to get to the same place, and God will accept us simply because we are sincere. There is no doubt that "God is love," and that "His mercy endureth forever." But is it true that there are many ways to get to heaven? Bible believing Christians understand that there is only one way to eternal life. The Lord Jesus Christ said: "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." John 14:6. It is clear in God's Word that He has not provided many different saviors, or religions to get to heaven. Neither has God made a lot of different doctrines that we would have so many different churches in our world. God has His appointed way, and it behooves us to understand and follow that way. Let us each one pray for spiritual discernment, faith and courage as we consider this important topic.

God has set aside a day each week in which He wants us to renew our physical and spiritual strength. Let us learn about His divine appointment -- the day God said to REMEMBER!

1. Upon which day of the week was man made? Genesis 1:26-31

2. As God took inventory of what He had made, what did He conclude? Verse 31

3. After finishing the creation of the heavens and the earth, what three things did God do on the seventh day? Genesis 2:2, 3

At the end of creation week God set apart one day, the seventh, and proclaimed it a memorial of His perfect act of love in creating the
world. He said that He was sanctifying, or setting that day aside, for a holy purpose. The only way a man, a day, a place, or anything
becomes holy is by the special presence of God. God rested on the seventh day. He wants us to do the same! God sanctified the day by
His presence in it. He wants us to share its blessings with Him! The seventh-day Sabbath is therefore a special segment of time God
has selected for drawing His masterwork of creation -- man -- into a closer love relationship with Him. Thus the Sabbath is a day to
become better acquainted with God -- a day to lay aside the burdens of life, just as God laid aside His work of creation so that He could
fellowship with man.

4. What did God say we should remember? Exodus 20:8

"The word Sabbath, translated from the Hebrew, means rest. The Hebrew cognate verb shabath, means to cease, to rest, to sabbatize, or to keep a sabbath." (Link of Love, p. 11).

Also notice: This is the only commandment that begins with the word remember. God knew that this commandment would be well nigh forgotten!

5. To Whom does this day belong, according to the Bible? Verse 10

6. Which day is the Sabbath day? Exodus 20:9-11

7. Which day of the week is the seventh day?

The Dictionary's Answer: "Seventh day, Saturday, the seventh day of the week" (New Twentieth Century Dictionary, Unabridged Second Edition, 1973).

8. Who made the Sabbath day? John 1:1-3

9. Was the Sabbath known to be part of God's law before it was given to Moses on Mt. Sanai? Read Exodus 16

(see also Genesis 2:1-3) The use of the word remember makes this fact very clear!

10. Which day did Jesus keep holy? Luke 4:16

Notice that this is not a one time occurance, but it was His custom or habit!

11. Did the disciples continue to keep the Sabbath day even after Jesus' death?         Luke 23:54-56

12. Did the earthly church, even after Jesus' ascension, continue to keep the Sabbath day holy? Acts 13:14; 16:13

13. Were these Jewish Christians only, or were there Gentile believers as well?        Acts 18:4

14. What did Jesus say that indicated that He expected His faithful followers to still be keeping the Sabbath, at the time of the destruction of Jerusalem, a full 39 years after His ascension? Matthew 24:20

15. Does the Bible give any indication that the Sabbath will be kept throughout all eternity? Isaiah 66:22-23

Up to this point, we have shown plainly that the seventh day Sabbath of the Bible has existed throughout the entire history of this world,
and will be kept throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity. How have we come to believe that the command to remember God's holy day
is not relevant today?

16. Which day is the true Lord's day? Mark 2:27-28

17. What are the real purposes for the Sabbath commandment?

18. How can we be sure that Jesus did not change the day of worship?              Hebrews 4:4; 8-9

We are also told by Luke in Acts 1:1 that in his gospel book of Luke, he recorded "of all that Jesus began both to do and teach." If Jesus had made any change, surely He would have told it to us, and Luke would have recorded that valuable information in his gospel book.

19. Is there any indication in Scripture, that Sunday (the first day of the week) is to be kept holy?

Please note: These are the only references to Sunday, the first day of the week, in all of the holy Bible. It is also interesting to note that there are almost 150 references to the seventh day Sabbath. All of these call for the observance of this commandment.

20. In Isaiah's end time prophecy, what does the Lord tell him to do? Isaiah 58:1

21. What is the main sin that Isaiah proceeds to show in this chapter? Isaiah 58:13-14

Isaiah here describes God's true and faithful people in the last days. Isaiah 58:12 says: "And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in." There is to be a movement, in these last days to restore the truth of the Bible to it's rightful place. Please pray about this, and study the subject for yourself.


Let us all follow the Lord Jesus in every area of our lives!

sabbath and time.jpg

This chart clearly shows that the seventh-day Sabbath of the fourth commandment has existed through all time, from the creation story in Genesis, throughout Bible history, and will be kept throughout eternity! God doesn't change, and the truth doesn't change! The seventh-day Sabbath is God's Holy day, and has been all along!

It's Jewish
by Uriah Smith

When we present God's holy law,
And arguments from scripture draw,
Objectors say, to pick a flaw,
'It's Jewish.'

Though at the first the Most High blessed
And sanctified His day of rest,
The same belief is still expressed,
'It's Jewish.'

Though with the world this rest began,
And thence through all Scriptures ran,
And Jesus said "'twas made for man"--
'It's Jewish.'

Though not with Jewish rites,
which passed,
But with the moral law 'twas classed,
Which must exist while time shall last,
'It's Jewish.'

If from the Bible we present
The Sabbath's meaning and intent,
This answers every argument--
'It's Jewish.'

Though the disciples, Luke and Paul,
Continue still this rest to call
The 'Sabbath day', this answers all:
'It's Jewish.'

The good news teacher's plain expression,
That " Sin is of the law's transgression,"
Seems not to make the least impression--
'It's Jewish.'

They love the rest of man's invention,
But if the LORD's day we mention,
This puts an end to all contention:
'It's Jewish.'

O ye who thus GOD's day abuse,
Simply because 'twas kept by Jews,
The Saviour, too, you must refuse,
He's Jewish.

The Scriptures, then, we may expect
For the same reason you'll reject;
For if you will but recollect,
They're Jewish.

Thus the apostles, too, must fall;
For Andrew, Peter, James, and Paul,
Thomas, Matthew, John, and all
Were Jewish.

So to your helpless state resign
Yourself in wretchedness to pine;
Salvation, surely you'll decline,
It's Jewish.

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